Sunday, July 29, 2007

Haylee's Nursery!!!

Here is Cameron workin' hard on his little girl's room! He worked so hard on it and it has turned out absolutely perfect! We still need to hang things on the wall, but that will happen soon! Hey, we still have two months till she even gets here!

This is me 7 months pregnant with Haylee! Buster always has to be in the pictures! Haylee is very active--she doesn't stop kickin' long enough for me to worry about her and I am grateful for that. After four years of trying for her, she can kick all she wants to!

This is Miss Haylee in her 3-d ultrasound! We had to go twice because she wouldn't cooperate the first time. She was too busy playing with the umbilical cord and hiding her face. She moved a lot though, which was great to see. We've learned that cucumbers make her dance! We are just so excited for her to get here!

This is our hairy firstborn, Buster! Cameron gave him to me two years ago on my birthday. Anyone who knows us, knows he really is our baby! He's got enough personality for 3 dogs and we love him so much! He's great with everyone, even kids, but we know his little world is gonna be turned upside down when Haylee gets here!
This is Cameron's new hobby/money pit! He got his privat pilot's license a little over a year ago and loves flying! It is great to be able to fly instead of drive lots of places. Everyone always asks me if I'm afraid of flying and I am not! In fact, I usually sleep through the flights--even the short ones! For some reason, the plane puts me to sleep!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Well, Cameron and I have now been married for five wonderful years! I say they've been wonderful--he might say differently dealing with me! We are expecting our first child, Haylee Brynn sometime in September! Cameron is still working as a real estate appraiser and I'm just preparing for Haylee!