Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Well, Cameron did it! He actually surprised me with a party for my 30th birthday this past Friday! All along, he told me we were having a party on Saturday night. Nope. The party was held at our friend's house--the Binghams--who also set me up by saying we should go to dinner Friday night. We went and picked them up and got around the corner and they said we needed to turn around cuz Jay had forgotten to fax something that needed to be faxed by 7pm. I can honestly say I had NO IDEA this was a lie. I wish I had a picture of my face when I walked in cuz it had to be a classic! Total shock!

Sad to say I didn't blow all the candles out on the first try--I guess I am getting old...:(

Cameron did so good planning this! On Friday, he told me he was heading out to do inspections--nope, just headin' over to the Bingham's house to make crepes HIMSELF and set up! I was so oblivious! My parents and Cameron's parents came down for the party and we had so many great friends there--some who we haven't seen in a loooong time!
Here's Kamarah (due in June with a little boy!) and Frank and Heather Monk chillin' outside. Frank is Cameron's best friend from when they were like 5 years old! And Heather is also a friend from Show Low--and one of Cameron's prom dates!
Here's Cammie Bjarnson (due in September with a boy!) and the Horrocks---both good friends from our ward.

Brad and Jess Olsen--also from the ward--have become such good friends of ours! I'm so glad they moved into the ward! They had to leave early to get get their new Beagle puppy so I convinced them to bring the puppy back to the party so we could meet him! I am so glad they did--oh, he is ADORABLE! Only 6 weeks old!

Here's Rick and Becky Lewis--I used to work with Becky at Gilbert Family Eyecare and we have been good friends for years now. And for all you with backgrounds from Cutest Blog on the Block--she's one of the creators!

I love these people! This is Cameron's cousin Brennon and his wife Danica! Brennon's brother Evan has already moved to Seattle, but his wife and my great friend Cara (holding Diesel, the dog) is still here for another week! She is pregnant with twins!!!

Here's Heather again with her hubby, Matt. They made a trip from Show Low to the valley--I am so happy they were able to be there!

I'm thinkin' Cameron shouldn't look so happy in this shot...but I'm just prayin' it's cuz he had no idea what Matt was doin'!

And I hafta say, what made the party absolutely PERFECT was that our friends Eric and Kami Luthy came from Las Vegas!!!! I can't even express how much I miss them! It's really just not right that they had to move away.:( Kami helped Cameron with some of the party planning and was apparently in charge of the music trivia game we played. If you know me, you know I LOVE music and music trivia. Well, so does my dad. And he was there. And our teams were tied at the end, until our team won! Woo hoo! The funniest part was Christy--on my team--who kept answering with "the Pips" when we didn't know the answer! Love that girl (who, by the way, is also moving!!) What the crap???

Brad may not know it, but one of his greatest contributions to the party was his dance to the song "The Devil Went Down To Georgia"! Funniest thing I've seen in a long time! Thank you, Brad!

And the final shot of the evening, with the pink leopard birthday hat! Thank you everyone, especially you, Honey, for planning this wonderful party for me! It was PERFECT and made me feel so loved.:) I feel so blessed to have the best husband, parents, in-laws and friends a girl could ask for! You all are the best!:) Hey, let's do it again next year!!!


First of all, let me assure everyone that none of us are showing symptoms of the swine flu!!! We had a wonderful time in Rocky Point this year! One of our favorite parts of the trips to Rocky Point are the tacos and quesadillas! And this place here is the BEST!! Whenever we wanted tacos, this is the place we came to!

This is my mom and dad, who came with us. It was so fun to have them there this year--actually, just to have them home in general! This was taken on our balcony--look at that blue water!

The first day we got there, my dad and Cameron were sitting on the balcony and saw dolphins out in the ocean jumpin' around! So cool!

My dad's favorite part: the tortillas! I hafta agree--they are AMAZING!! We bought some as we crossed the border, but those didn't last long! So we drove around Rocky Point looking for a tortillaria and bought some more!

My favorite part??? Yup, the Coke! Man, that stuff is just way too good! And by the following picture, you can see I'm not the only Coke fan!

On Sunday we went to church in Rocky Point. It was nice for me to flashback to the mission where everything is in spanish. Sometimes I forget that the group I'm with doesn't understand spanish, as was the case here. I remembered though, when I noticed my dad playing with his palm pilot, my mom reading her english scriptures and Cameron thumbing through the hymnal!

Las Palomas is my new favorite place in Rocky Point. This resort is beautiful! And because the triathalon was held here, it was so nice to just be able to walk downstairs to watch! No driving needed! They have two phases of condos here and each phase has its own set of pools and jacuzzis and restaurants! So nice!

Is this the picture of love or what??? This was taken in front of the churro stand (another favorite spot in Rocky Point) where they make THE BEST churros ever! My dad was teasing my mom about her spanish and you can tell it went over well...:)
It was a wonderful trip to Mexico, and obviously I'm glad we went when we did! Who knows when we'll get to go back again!

Friday, April 24, 2009


FUNNIEST PICTURE EVER!!!! The night before the triathalon, Cameron went and picked up his packet for the race. The packet always includes a shirt, swimcap, your race number and helpful things for the triathalon. Cameron pulled this XL shirt out of his bag and put it on and we quickly decided this must be a woman's shirt! Luckily, he was able to exchange it for a man's shirt (which looked TONS better!), but we sure enjoyed the fun we had with this one! I love the v-neck! I never get tired of lookin' at this!!!:) Love you, Honey!

The cheering section! My mom and I hung out by Cameron's transition spot so we could talk to him as he got ready for his next event. I was so grateful to have my parents there and it was so fun to see how impressed and proud of Cameron they were. I love my parents!:)

So we went to Rocky Point, Mexico last weekend for Cameron's THIRD triathalon! We went with my parents and left Haylee with Cameron's family in Show Low (thanks guys!). I'll do a Mexico post later! Cameron did AMAZING in this triathalon! He cut about TEN minutes off his swim time and stayed with the pack the whole time!

It's so inspiring and exciting to watch triathalons--I highly recommend it! Nobody got stung by a jellyfish this year! That's always good news! Because Cam was with the crowd of swimmers he got knocked a few times by flailing arms and legs--just part of the experience!

Here he is comin' back from the loooong bike course (16 miles)! My dad did a great job of being the photographer so that my mom and I could hang by Cam's transition spot so we could talk to him when he came in. Thanks, Dad!

Off to the run course! This course is pretty up and down which made it kinda tough. The worst part is the very end--running on the beach! Not down by the water where the sand is flat, no, up at the top in the soft sand! Cam said it was a killer!

The funniest part was at the end--they had an inflatable slip n slide you could jump on as you finished! It was pretty funny to watch people jump on that! I can't even tell you how amazed and proud of Cameron I am! He has trained so hard to do these triathalons and always has such a good attitude while doing them. Hopefully next year I will be doing the triathalon with him!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Don't worry, our family blog will still be here!!! I have just created a weight loss blog for myself! Check it out at http://wwwchunkydunker.blogspot.com (note that there is no period after www)! I promise I will soon be posting pics from Rocky Point!!!


Not sure why the pics are set up this way, but whatever! How could you not love this little girl??? We went to Snowflake for Conference weekend before Easter and my folks gave Haylee a little Easter basket with these little ears in them. Haylee LOVED them!!! She learned how to put them on herself and wore them all the time!
We colored eggs, which Haylee really didn't understand. But it was fun anyway just to see it through her eyes. I love the age she is at--everything is so exciting and she is learning so much! She is quite the little talker and I love to hear her little voice!