Saturday, October 18, 2008


This is Dan and Roni and their adorable little boy, Ian. Cameron is actually the first missionary that Dan ever met. Cameron and Elder Miller taught Dan the discussions, along with lots of other missionaries!:) Dan didn't get baptized until after Cameron and I were married! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this family! We got to meet up with them at Texas Roadhouse (is there any better place??) and chat! It also just so happened to be Cameron's birthday so we got to celebrate by shouting "Yeehaw!!!" to him! If that doesn't say "Happy Birthday", then I don't know what does!
A good pic of Dan and Cameron. Dan now serves in the bishopric in the Kirtland ward. He is just amazing. I didn't hafta be around him for very long to realize that.:) We went to their ward and during the last hour I was sitting in the foyer with a sleeping Haylee and he came in with a tired Ian. As the kids slept, he and got to chat. And now I'm just a bit grouchy that we live so far apart from them!
After church, they invited us over for an awesome dinner. And the dessert??? Holy crap! AMAZING! That beautiful young lady between Roni and Dan is their daughter Whitley. She is such a great girl--always helping, loves to help out with Ian, etc. I can only hope and pray that Haylee turns out HALF as good as Whitley! Thank you Regovich family for everything! I am so bummed that we don't live right by you.:(


We got to go down to the John Johnson Farm, which was amazing and I think it was all of our favorite place. First of all--it was beautiful! We were able to take lots of great pics there after the tour.

Here's little Haylee after the tour. Just chillin' on the front steps. So dang cute.:)
When Joseph Smith was dragged from his home and tarred and feathered, this was the home he was taken from. The mob said that he wouldn't be preaching the next morning after what they had done to him. These steps are the steps he gave his sermon from the next day.:) There were many who were baptized because of that incident--including some of the mob who attacked him. And Haylee couldn't focus for the picture because she was too busy playing with my curly hair! Gotta love the attention span of a one year old!
This is another room that some amazing spiritual events took place. Joseph Smith translated a lot in this room. The spirit was amazing even to this day as we sat in there after the tour.
This room is a very special room. Joseph and Emma slept in this room with their adopted twin babies. One night, the twins were very sick with the measles, so Emma slept in the big bed with the girl and Joseph slept in the small bed with the boy, trying to comfort them. That was the night that the mob broke in and pulled Joseph from his bed and tarred and feathered him. The little boy twin died five days later due to the exposure of the cold air that was let in when the mob broke in. It was an unreal experience to be in that room and to relive in my mind that story. I hadn't thought too much about that experience since I've had Haylee. But it hit me that much more now that I have a little one to care for who is my whole world. I am completely in awe when I think of what Joseph and especially Emma, as the prophet's wife had to endure. I imagine that night she must have thought they were going to kill her husband and she may never see him alive again. They truly were amazing people who endured so much for the gospel. I doubt I would have the strength or courage or perseverence they had... I should explain a little about the choice of colors in this home. The main colors in those days were red and gray. This guy was obviously more wealthy because he could afford different colors. He did not paint this way to show off, but just had the money to do it, so he did. This was a home that many saints came to so they could meet the prophet, Joseph Smith. They had lots of guest beds for those who traveled to see him. They completely opened their home to Joseph and his family and anyone who needed a place to stay.
Get ready ladies---this room right here is the "birthing room". Guess where it's located??? Right off the great room! Isn't that great?? Wouldn't it be wonderful to be in labor (without an epidural) just a few feet away from the family room?? Ugh! How these women did it, I will never know!

This is the beginning of all the great pics we were able to take with such a beautiful background. I am so happy that April brought her fancy camera!

Still amazed that both kids looked up at the same time!
How beautiful is that background?? I can't even express how beautiful the leaves were while we were there--it definitely felt like fall!
This little guy became my little buddy on the trip! We bonded and it made me feel so good! He is so funny!

Such a cute family pic...:)
Being in Cameron's mission was such a neat experience and gave me so much more respect and love for him. I had heard so many stories through letters during his mission and it was awesome to be able to see things in person finally. I was amazed at all the knowledge of church history that he has. He really IS a smart guy! Who knew! Just teasin', honey!:)
Our little family!
I am so in love with this little gal! She was truly amazing on the trip! I had to laugh as we boarded the plane and I got those looks from other passengers that clearly said, "Oh great. There's the kid that will be screaming for the next three hours. I hope they aren't sitting near me." I know cuz I used to give those looks! But nope, not little Haylee. She was totally content to look out the window as we took off and landed and sit with Grandma Penny and look at books the rest of the flight. We definitely got a good one!:) And I am thankful every day for her!
I can already tell that these two are gonna be close.:)


This was a very common sight on the trip! Haylee was totally in love with Grandma Penny and usually wanted nothin' to do with Cameron or I if she was in sight! Luckily, Grandma Penny feels the same way about Haylee!
Here's all of us in front of the Newell K. Whitney Store. Newell K. Whitney was an amazing man--he was pretty wealthy and was more than willing to help anyone out who needed it. On the mission, this is where Cameron would pick up his mail (including his weekly letter from me!). The home he lived in is right behind the store.
And here's the princess bonding with Grandpa Sean.:) We are all very lucky Haylee is so light cuz we all passed her around during the tours! The funniest part is that Haylee LOVES her voice and LOVES to tell "stories". She jibber-jabbers NONSTOP! We eventually had to give the tour guides a heads up that they would have a little competition while talking.:)
This room is upstairs in the Newell K. Whitney store. It's the School of the Prophets and some really amazing things happened here. I would never be able to describe the spirit felt throughout these sites--especially this room. I am amazed at the things Joseph Smith not only had to endure, but also had the blessings of seeing. I am so grateful for all he did to restore the gospel. I know I take it for granted many days that I have the gospel in my life, but I really don't know where I'd be or what kind of person I would be without the gospel.
This was the actual store part. These are the types of things that were sold here. Basically a little of everything! One thing the tour guide said in this tour really made an impact on me. Many people made the trek to Kirtland and upon arrival, had little or nothing and had to start over. The tour guide explained that the saints that were already there in Kirtland were more than willing to share everything they had with the newcomers. It made me realize how I have been given so much and therefore should have no problem sharing all I have with others. That is my new goal.:) I'm gonna try and keep this in mind daily.


We just got back from an amazing trip to Ohio to see Cameron's mission and also to see some Church history sights there. These people (above) are the ones that made it all possible! Cam's parents, Sean and Penny took us along with Cameron's sister and brother-in-law, April and Kendall and their little boy Tyce.
Here's our little fam!

Do you know how hard it is to get two toddlers to sit in the same spot at the same time??? This is the only pic April could get of them sitting still! She had to move quick!
Look at all that love! Haylee loves her Grandpa Sean and Grandma Penny!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


This picture is titled, "It's My Party and I'll Cry If I Want To!!!" We had set the cupcake on her tray and then, like horrible parents, took it away to put the candle on it! Heaven forbid! Once we gave it back she was just fine! I didn't mean to do a whole purple theme here--that shirt is the one my parents sent for her birthday. And the bib says I Was Worth the Wait--yes, she was!
Every kid loves sugar! Haylee loved the cupcake!
Afterwards, we opened presents! This gift was from Grandma Emmy and Grandpa Pinky in Texas. It was a Halloween book that she LOVES!!! It has a button you push to play scary Halloween music--she learned real quick how to push that button!
This is Haylee's first baby doll! It was a gift from Hilary Bingham--she's the daughter of my good friend Kim--they actually came up to see me while I was in labor with Haylee. Hilary has a close bond with Haylee and just loves her!
And this was Haylee's big gift from her Mom and Dad. It's supposed to help her learn to work. PROBLEM: Haylee is Ms. Independant and won't let us stand her up behind it! She'll learn to use it one day. I just can't believe Haylee is already a year old! She is so fun to be around and lately has begun telling LOTS of stories! She jibber-jabbers all day long! We love our little Haylee girl! Happy birthday, Sweetie!


A few weeks ago, our awesome friends, Eric and Kami (shown above in all their white trash glory!) had a White Trash Halloween Party. It was awesome! It was so cool to see how everyone really got into it!
These are our friends Jose and Christi. I dressed as the lady you always see on Cops chasing the "hoodlums" outta her yard with a bat! And that's Kami's sister Kris standing next to me. She is so great--she has become Buster's babysitter when we have gone outta town lately! He LOVES her! For food, we had microwave everything--corn dogs, burritos, pizza rolls, etc. And sadly, those are OUR tv trays that we use ALL THE TIME! Half of the party was in their apartment and the rest was in their garage. Upstairs they had Joe Dirt playing.:)
In the garage we attempted to have a little dance party, but nearly everyone was too shy! Including me! Leave it to Cameron though, to attempt breakdancing! I was rollin'!
At one point, Eric's gun was brought out and everyone took a turn shooting it (in the garage). One of their friends brought candy cigarettes as part of his costume--we thought this was an awesome pic opportunity! Eric and Kami's neighbor across the way was on his balcony and apparently found us very entertaining! He just sat there and watched us!
Later, we went upstairs for karaoke--what did Cameron sing? Since You've Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson! The kid loves to sing that song! It's hilarious! Other songs sung were Jenny-867-5309, Lady in Red, and a few others, including a duet by Kami and I. We performed Makin' Love Out of Nothing At All by Air Supply (a favorite song of ours). After that we all went downstairs and beat the crap out of a pumpkin pinata that Kami made herself! It was such a fun evening and a great idea for a party! Thanks Eric and Kami for keepin' us entertained!:)