Saturday, November 29, 2008


This here is Scott Russo. He is the lead singer of a band called Unwritten Law, who Cameron and I LOVE! And who we got to see tonight (yes, it's 12:30am and I should be in bed!) with our friends Eric and Kami! Unwritten Law is special to Cam and I cuz they are the first band we saw together after Cam got home from his mission. They ALWAYS put on a great show and we've seen them 6 times now! So worth it every time! And what made tonight special??? At the risk of sounding like a 13 year old...I GOT SCOTT'S GUITAR PICK!!!! Woo hoo!!! It really was a great time and we got introduced to another good band who played before them called This Daily Summer (I hope that's right!). Check them out! I am so happy that Cameron and I still go to these concerts--it keeps us young and is something we love doing together (unlike golf...--sorry honey, never gonna happen!).

Sunday, November 23, 2008


I just had to let everyone know how excited I am that one month from yesterday, on December 22nd, this wonderful couple (on the right--although I'm sure the other couple is wonderful, too!) will be home!!! Woo hoo! That's right, my folks will be home just in time for Christmas! How perfect is that??? I just want them to know how proud I am of them for serving. They left at a really hard time, for many reasons, one of them being that I was about 7 months pregnant with Haylee. Of course, every girl wants her mom there when she has her first baby, but I knew that going on their mission was way more important than staying home for me and those other reasons. I have learned over the past few years that TIMING IS EVERYTHING. And not OUR timing, but the Lord's timing. Things have to happen in a particular order and we need to be at the right place at the right time for those things to happen. I am so happy that I was able to let them be where Heavenly Father needed them most. I can't even explain how excited I am to see them and for them to meet Haylee! I am sooooo grateful that Haylee is such a social butterfly and will not hafta warm up to them at all--she goes to complete strangers! I probably shouldn't be totally happy about that fact, but in this case, it's a good thing.:) I am grateful for parents who taught me the importance of the gospel and sacrifice. They are the best examples to me. I love you Mom and Dad and can't wait to see you!!!:) And yes, Mom, a bubble bath will be waiting for you!:)


Oh wow. Memories...Okay, I was tagged and told to go to the fourth picture file I have and then go to the fourth picture in that file and post it. Here it is! This was some of the vinyl lettering that we had in Haylee's bedroom in our old house. This quote was perfect and the story behind it is hilarious! This actually took a few times to get on the wall right! When you have small letters in vinyl lettering, it can take some time to get it all stuck on the wall. I had Cameron helping me and halfway through the project he said, "I believe this is how they decorate in hell. You show up and they just give you a bunch of small words in vinyl and send you to a wall to stick it up." It made me laugh so hard! The other great story is that my friend Kami and I became great friends while trying to get this on the wall! Buster actually jumped on it at one point when we had it laid out. We laughed so hard and have been super close since then! I still hafta get Haylee's room painted in this house so I can get some vinyl on the wall! Slowly but surely...I know Cameron is dying to help me with the vinyl!!! Right honey???:)

I now tag...Julie, April, Kami, Lani, Annie, both Beckys, and Ashley!

Friday, November 21, 2008


Yes, we are still blogging the Ohio trip! This was one of my favorite parts--The Pro Football Hall of Fame! It was so neat to see! We got some great pics of some great memorabilia.

Gotta pay tribute to Dan Marino. I grew up a Dolphins fan because of my brother. I really had no choice.:)

Being from AZ, I thought this was soooo neat. This is Pat Tillman's jersey. He left the NFL to serve in Iraq where he was killed. How can you not honor a guy like that? Every year they have a Pat Tillman Run that ends in the stadium--pretty neat.:)

And of course, we had to show our Denver pride. Which leads to the next picture...

Mr. Spencer Larsen---NFL's Rookie of the Week!!!!! In the game on Sunday against the Falcons, Spencer started at linebacker AND fullback AND special teams!!! He's the first guy on the Broncos ever to do that and the first in the NFL since 2003! And on top of all that, he had an AWESOME game!!! We were so proud to watch him---such an awesome game to watch!

And yes, Annie and Spencer, if we ever get up there for a game, this IS what I will be wearing--I don't care how cold it is!:) Beauty is pain!:)


We were very lucky to have Cameron's sister, April, come to the valley and take family pics for us! She is soooo talented and sooo fun and patient! Great qualities for a photographer! It was so much fun!

Yes, I was tickling Haylee in this shot! Whatever got her to smile!:)

I absolutely LOOOOOVE this picture! Haylee adores her daddy and she definitely has him wrapped around her finger! I think that's why she's pointing to her finger--she knows she runs the show!

This picture is my favorite. At the risk of sounding corny or mushy or whatever, I gotta say, my hubby looks freakin' hot in this pic!

This is our little blessing, Haylee! She loves to walk when you hold her hand, hence the happy face in this shot! She is just so dang cute and makes us soooo happy.:)

And here's the classic family shot! Thank you, April!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Okay everyone, are you ready??? I have two big parties comin' up where you can come and get some Christmas shopping done! The first will be a vinyl lettering party! My friend Kami is amazing with this stuff and has soooo many new and different ideas! I put a few pics below just in case you hear the words "vinyl lettering" and say, "What the heck is that???" Vinyl can go on boards, tiles, walls, anything! It adds sooo much to a home and makes wonderful personalized gifts.

This party will be Saturday, November 15th beginning at 11am and going till whenever and it will be at my house! Kami will have her computer here so you can work with her to customize whatever you'd like! If possible, come prepared with measurements of where you'd like your vinyl lettering--whether it be on a wall, board, etc. Lemme know if you can come!

I love this idea! It's just vinyl on the glass of a picture frame! That way it takes the guesswork out of choosing a color to match your wall or the wall of a friend or family member's home!

Vinyl can be placed right on the wall and it peels right off when you want to remove it! It is perfect for personalizing an apartment or home!

The next party is a Scentsy party! I've already mentioned on my blog how much I LOOOOVE Scentsy burners! They are safer than other candle warmers because the wax only warms, so if it happens to fall on skin, it does not burn! There are so many different style of burners so anyone can find one they love! And the scents??? Oh my goodness! I am burning lots of fall scents these days and it adds so much to my excitement for the season! And as a little sidenote: almost all the trick-or-treaters commented on how good my house smelled this year! These scents really fill up your whole home! I've never met someone who doesn't love their Scentsy burner!
The coolest new product is their mini burners that plug right into the wall! Perfect for a bathroom or anywhere you don't wanna deal with the cord hanging! Please visit to look at their online catalog!

The Scentsy party will be on Thursday, November 20th from 10am-12pm and then again that evening from 6-8pm. The greatest part is that there will be burners and scent bars here that you can buy and take home with you! Come as early as you can so that you can have first dibs on what we have here! Please feel free to bring friends and family with you! Anyone is welcome!