Monday, March 24, 2008

Haylee's First Easter!!!

I love this little girl! Give her a plastic egg and she is set for the day!! No, we did not do an Easter basket for her because, well, she's only 6 months old people!! The girl uses her little tongue like it's goin' outta style! She licks everything and tries to put whatever she can into her little mouth!
I'm kinda starting to think Haylee is gonna fit in her Bumbo till she is about two years old! Look at those little legs and feet!
Cameron's mom, dad, sister, bro-in-law and nephew came down to our house for Easter this year! This is Haylee and her cousin Tyce right before church! And no, we did not buy her an Easter dress because, once again, she's only 6 months old! She has four very cute spring dresses so Penny (Cam's mom) and April (Cam's sis) voted and chose this one for Easter Sunday! You can't really see them, but she even has little green earrings in to match! Yes, we are all about the accessories!!
And this is our little family (minus Buster) on Easter! Haylee pulled this little forced smile outta nowhere cuz she had just about had it with picture time!!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Here's an update sure to shock everyone!!! I was blog-surfing one day, and from Mike and Erin's blog, they had a post about a friend of a friend needing a kidney donor. So I clicked on the link, which took me to Tim and Cassie's blog (now added to my "Fellow Bloggers" list). I read about what they, especially Tim, are going through. I saw that we are the same blood type (A+), and can't really explain it, but I had an overwhelming urge to help. I am now waiting for my kit that I'll take to the lab to have bloodwork done. That blood will be sent up to them (in Utah) and if it's a good match, I will go through further testing. If all goes well, I will be a great match and will eventually be able to donate one of my kidneys to Tim. I'll be sure to keep everyone posted! That being said, I now urge everyone who is reading this to click on "Tim and Cassie" and read about them! See what you can do to help. If you don't wanna do bloodwork/surgery, just pass on the word. Who knows? Maybe someone you know would be willing to try and help! Thanks!
"God does notice us, and he watches over us. But it is usually through another
mortal that he meets our needs."
--Spencer W. Kimball--

Sunday, March 16, 2008


Cameron worked at Virgin Megastore in the AZ Mills Mall before his mission. If you know Cam, this WAS a very fitting job for him then. He's very into music and gets along well with all types of people. What's funny is that through most of his mission, he planned on returning to work there after his mission. Once he got home and realized he was getting hitched soon, he realized this wouldn't be the best job to support a family! THANK GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!
Cameron got his private pilot's license about a year and a half ago (July 2006). He is one of the best pilots ever--seriously. He is very cautious, checks EVERYTHING, and doesn't fly if he doesn't feel good about it. I've always felt safe with him.

Cameron suffers from what is knows as "Achoo Syndrome" (no, I'm not making this up!). Once he walks outside into the sun, he begins to sneeze and can hardly open his eyes. You will rarely see him outside without his shades. We actually think Haylee suffers from this same syndrome!
Cameron was on the golf team in high school all four years and was on the varsity team his sophomore through senior years. He LOVES to golf and is very good at it. Funny story: at one of his matches, his mom and grandpa were there to watch him. He was struggling so they thought maybe they were making him nervous. They decided to leave and told him goodbye, but they didn't really leave. His next shot was NOT good and a few "choice" words slipped from his mouth (words he DEFINITELY would not have said had he known they were there still). It was not a happy day!
Cameron was in the marching band in high school. Those of you who have seen the movie The Other Sister are surely chuckling to yourselves right now.:) He played the baritone mostly. I have been assured by Cameron and his family that the band was a popular and cool thing at Show Low High School.:) Let's hope so....

Cameron's weight is now at the lowest it's been since he was a sophomore in high school! He got to his biggest (about 310 lbs) and we decided something needed to be done cuz he was not able to lose it on his own with diet and exercise. We chose the Lap Band surgery and went to Tijuana to have it done (I know what you're thinking!). The doctor who performed the surgery has actually taught American surgeons how to do it. The hospital there was gorgeous--more beautiful than any hospital I've seen here in the states. He had the surgery on a Friday and was back at work Monday morning. The Lap Band restricts your amount of food intake, but it takes a lot of hard work and exercise to really lose a lot of weight. He now weighs 220 lbs.
Cameron can be a very stubborn boy. His mom can attest to this! He doesn't necessarily like to be "told" what to do (although he plays along very nicely with me!). He isn't bratty, by any means. Just likes to do things on his own!

Cameron is hairy. No other way to say it! The kid's even got hair on his feet! I remember seeing this the day after he got home from his mission and wondered how I'd never noticed it before! He has such a thick beard that there are many days around, oh say, 4ish that I ask him if he shaved that morning (which he usually did). In high school if he had a date that night, he would not only shave that morning, but also right before the date! Not many juniors in high school with that problem!

Cameron is extremely easygoing. Not much that will get this kid riled up. And even if something does, you probably wouldn't know it. I've noticed that when he does get upset it is usually with himself and not anybody or anything else. This is probably one of the main reasons I married him. We only need one crazy person in this house and I claimed that spot a long time ago!

This is a fun tag cuz the hubbies don't usually post very much on the blogs. This is their time to shine! Thanks Erin! I'm not necessarily gonna "tag" anyone, but here are some of my friends I think should do it about their hubbies: Kym, Becca, both Brittneys, Tawni, Kindy, Becky, Julie and Molly!

Friday, March 14, 2008

More giggles!!!

I love this kid!!! Please ignore the annoying sound that is actually making her giggle (me). But I know you other parents understand the willingness to do backbends if that's what it would take to get your little one to laugh! Enjoy!

Sunday, March 9, 2008


So this video won't be super exciting to most of you, but it is more for the grandparents (especially those in the Philippines!) than anyone! Haylee has been extremely fond of her voice lately, and has been "talking" nonstop pretty much since we came home from church today (thankfully she behaved DURING church!). It's a bit shaky in the beginning and the lighting isn't so good, but hey, there's a million pics of her on this blog--you know what she looks like! My favorite parts are when she looks to the left (her right) at me laughing at her like she is NOT AMUSED! Love it!:) Enjoy!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Five Months Old!!!

That's right, our little Haylee Brynn turned 5 months old this week! In a way, it seems to have gone by so fast, and at the same time, it feels as if she's been with us forever! Here are some of the things Haylee does or enjoys at this time in her little life:

* She LOVES bath time!
* She "talks" all the time--whether someone is listening or not...
* She does crunches--seriously! This girl is gonna have abs of steel in no time!
* She plays with toys--especially loves her colored rings!
* She smiles all the time--she really only gets fussy if she's hungry or tired.
* She sits up in her Bumbo and stays up if she's propped up.
* She sleeps all the way through the night, which we as her parents are VERY grateful for!
* She sticks out her little chest at night when you put lotion on her! Not sure what that's about...
* She can follow us with her eyes everywhere! Even all the way up the stairs!
* She is wearing SOME 3-6 month clothes, but still fits into her 0-3 month clothes.
* She only takes power naps (10-30 min at a time). I'll take it if she sleeps throught the night!
* She is getting better at "tummy time", but is still not the biggest fan...
* She is PERFECT!!!!

We are so grateful to have been blessed with this little angel.:) Apparently, if you wait long enough, you get blessed with a cute, well-behaved child!:) She makes us smile every day--especially when we get her out of her crib in the morning. I feel totally complete now that she's here.:)