Friday, December 28, 2007

And I'm it! Thanks Kaydi!

Okay, six little known facts about me...let's see...

1. Most importantly, I HATE odd numbers! Don't know why or when it started. The night Cameron and I decided to get married we got the calendar out to pick a date and he kept pointing out odd number days and I'd shoot him down. He finally caught on that it was only the odd number days I was saying no to and asked why...boy, I bet he regrets that! I have no real reason why I don't like them, I just don't! Needless to say, we were married on July 6th! And my wonderful baby girl played along with my weird issue and was born Sep. 28th at 8:48am! Whew!!

2. When I was a kid, I NEVER smiled in pictures, whether it was a family picture, individual, or candid shot, no smiles! I was a GREAT pouter! I remember my mom would actually dress me all up and lie to me to get me to the portrait studio, where I would sit and pout, if not cry while posed very cute and holding a flower or some other prop! My poor mom!

3. If you really know me, you already know this next one: nailbiting. Yup, I'm a biter! Always have been and most likely always will be. I actually quit for a little bit before our wedding so I could have my own real nails on my wedding day, but I quickly resumed the habit shortly thereafter. I actually do it without thinking now. I've made many attempts to quit, but to no avail. Do they have a Nailbiters Anonymous anywhere?

4. I love to skateboard. We lived in Phoenix when I was in third and fourth grade and all the neighbor kids got my brother and I into skateboarding. We'd jump off ramps and everything. The funniest thing was playing hide and go seek on our boards. After I got married, I talked Cam into letting me buy a skateboard (I secretly think he didn't believe I knew how to skate), and skated to work most days. It has been retired for a while, but hopefully little Haylee will be a skater girl--I'd love that!

5. As a child I could have lived on pickles alone. When we lived in Winslow, my aunt made them. I think that's where the addiction began. Then in Flagstaff, my other aunt would buy them in the huge jars, the little chips you put on hamburgers and I'd get a fork and go to town on that jar! I remember she actually gave me a jar of pickles for my birthday--and I loved it! Ironically, during my pregnancy, I ate very few pickles. and now don't really crave them at all. Weird.

6. Hope this isn't too much info for anyone, but I know most women dread the "woman doctor" appointments. Not me. Don't get me wrong, I don't love them or look forward to them, but they really don't phase me at all. To me, it's just like goin' to the regular doctor. After goin' through all the fertility treatment I have, nothing on me is really private anymore. I have lost all pride!

Hope you have enjoyed this little "Tour O Bethany"! I now tag Becky, Camille, April, and Selia.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas...BLING BLING!!!

So on the 15th, Cameron, Haylee and I were at the mall and we got to thinkin, "Hmm, I wonder how much it costs to pierce a baby's ears?" We went to Claires and decided Haylee deserved her first bling! We chose little baby diamonds (breathe! They were fake!) and Cameron had the job of pinning her arms down! I got to be the hero and save her--of course.:) She cried while it happened and fell asleep right afterwards. We think she looks absolutely adorable with them!
These are some other shots of her Christmas dress that her Grandma Marsha has had in her closet for, I don't know how long! When I found out I was pregnant and she put it together that my baby would be 3 months old at Christmastime, she told me I HAD to have a girl so she could wear the dress (it's sized 3 months). Just after the ultrasound confirming it was a girl, I called my mom and told her to send the dress! Doesn't she look cute???
We call these her "Dr. Evil Hands". She is always playing with them...plotting something...:)

The Gang

This is one of the many Christmas/White Elephant parties we went to this year! Becky, Ashley, Annie and I all used to work at Gilbert Family Eyecare together back when Becky, Ashley and I were just wives (not moms yet) and Annie wasn't even hitched! Now look at all those boys and babies!:) Such a fun group! We had a great time and we have started a monthly dinner get-together! We feel so lucky to have such great friends.:)

What A Big Girl!!!

These are a couple of Haylee's new tricks! She can sit in her Bumbo least for a couple minutes before she starts tipping over!
My favorite part of this picture is how she's hangin' on for dear life...even though the swing probably was not in motion! She's so dang cute! And yes, she does love her daddy.:)

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Merry Christmas!!!

These are last minute pics we took this morning of our little family. After Christmas we'll go have professional pics taken, but for now, this will hafta do! By the way, for those of you who really know Buster, yes, he is staring at his laser on the floor! Haylee is definitely our favorite Christmas gift this year! She looks like she'd fit in the stockings, too! Love that little girl!

Monday, December 3, 2007

It's Christmas Time!!!

So I add posts to our blog quite often--that means one of two things: either we are so fun and active that I just hafta post EVERYTHING we do, or, I have no life and think that everything we do is exciting and worth posting. Who knows??? Any opinions on that one??? Well, last night we went to see the lights at the Mesa Temple with our friends. It was a bit chilly, but not cold enough to make it miserable--PERFECT!! I wore Haylee in the Snugli and remembered what I hated about being pregnant--carrying a bowling ball on the front of you! Not too sure why I didn't take Cam's offer to carry her...She did look very cute in her hat, hoodie, and mittens!:) Grandma, I use that blanket you gave her ALL THE TIME!!! Thank you! The group picture is our "Sunday Night Crew", thanks to Cara, for always planning that for the rest of us!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Gotta Love Football!!!

Last night we went to the ASU vs U of A football game to cheer on our friend, Spencer Larsen. Here's how the evening went: no parking close by--we walked FOREVER (it felt like 15miles!) after we parked where we could find a spot! I actually have a blister on my toe from the walk! Freezing weather: I had to keep standing up to make sure I didn't freeze to my seat! Where was the hot cocoa??? Annoying ASU fans: sorry if I offend anyone here (especially you, Tawni!), but man, I think ASU has the most obnoxious fans! We had the pleasure of sitting next to the most annoying one of all. He kept saying the same, very immature and ridiculously dumb taunts throughout the game. But through all of this hardship, we had a great time! Spencer had a wonderful game and was so fun to watch. After the game, we met up with him and Annie, his wife who I met while working at Gilbert Family Eyecare, and got a picture with them and our friends, Rick and Becky (Becky, Annie and I all worked together at Gilbert Family Eyecare). I love going to watch football games in person--soooo much fun! Cameron and I were saying how we hope Haylee dates a football player so we have someone to cheer for!