Saturday, August 18, 2007

Finally something new (still boring)

Hey its Cameron. Nothing exciting going on here. Getting excited for the baby. Trying to get all the last little odds and ends. Buster is even excited as shown by the pic below.

He goes under her crib everytime we go in there.

I've actually been able to do a little flying lately which has been nice. I flew to Show Low early yesterday morning for work and took some cool pics as the sun came up.

That's about it. Have a good weekend.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Special Blankets for Haylee!

These are three beautiful blankets made especially for Haylee! The first one was done by Kamarah Adams, and there's a close-up below of the detail). The white blanket was made by two of my amazing young women!! The third was made by Michelle Scoggin, one of my good friends from the ward! Thanks to all of you! These mean so much to me!

The Baby Shower!!!

This is the beautiful blessing dress that my parents bought for Haylee before they left for their mission to the Philippines. It was an emotional, but very good moment! Thank you Mom and Dad!
These are the old school Gilbert Family Eyecare girls!! We are all either holding or carrying our babies (one of us is doin' both--congrats Becky!) Haylee is the only girl so far!
A little taste of all the wonderful gifts that everyone brought for Miss Haylee! Already so spoiled!
These letters were one of my favorite gifts! So creative and they match her bedroom perfectly!
Here's a good shot of the shindig! It was beautiful---thanks to my girl Cara!!! I felt so special and loved--thank you everyone who came and helped!