Thursday, July 16, 2009


Okay, these pics are backward...again and I don't really feel like rearranging them, so just go with me on this one! For the 4th of July weekend we went up to Snowflake/Show Low. Small towns are the best for the 4th! My mom set up a little play pool in her backyard that Haylee LOVED!!! But she kinda looks like Thing 1 or Thing 2 in this pic...scary!
On Monday Cameron went golfing with my nephews Austin (in red) and Weston (in blue). They're both way talented when it comes to sports--it was so fun to have them here for a couple weeks--they're hilarious!! I'm sad they don't live closer...:(

"Ms. Independent"--goofiest pic ever!:) Haylee had like four 4th of July outfits! So we had to wear them the whole weekend--this was her Sunday dress.:)

Chillin' at the parade in Show Low!

Daddy and Haylee at the parade. Lots of things made loud noise during the parade, so Haylee chose to stay close to Daddy to be safe. Smart girl!


We've been takin' Haylee to the Tempe Town Lake splash park this summer and it was fun the first time. Notice in this pic that you can't see the splash park...that's because Haylee loves running up and down the hill NEXT to the splash park instead of playing in the water...but she is one hot chic in that suit!!!:)

Isn't this what we all do while waiting for the doctor to come in? Haylee had a little bout of the flu for a couple days and it took me back to her newborn phase with all the projectile vomiting. Sure don't miss those days!

Cam took these two pics at our gym daycare--so funny! They have this big thing for kids to climb in and she was lovin' it! My favorite is the smashed nose!!!

Haylee and her shades...she loves wearing them!