Friday, February 29, 2008

The First Giggle!!!!

Tonight we were at our good friends' house--Frank and Kamarah--and Cameron got Haylee to giggle! It was soooo cute and I'm so glad we had the camera! Enjoy! Especially you, Grandma and Grandpa Kimberlin!:)

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Last night we met our friends DeWy and Tawni and their kids Broc and Britton at Mesa Frozen Yogurt. We have loved this new tradition! This is Britton--he's about three weeks YOUNGER than Haylee and about FIVE pounds heavier!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that first pic--they look so excited to see each other! Especially Britton! He must be all about the ladies...:)
Gotta love the drool-covered shirts--we think they are both starting the teething process...yuck.:(
Isn't this JUST like a man??? She's totally mad and he has NO idea why or what he's done!!
And we are all happy again! We said we wouldn't let her date till she's 16, but hey, when the opportunity arises...:) We think they both handled themselves very well! It will be so fun to watch these two grow up together...who knows what the future may hold...:)

**Thank you, Tawni, for taking such great pics and sending them to me! Tawni is a super-blogger and apparently always has the camera ready! I need to be more like that! Thanks! Can't wait to do it again!

Monday, February 25, 2008


Just in case anyone is worried about Buster being neglected since Haylee arrived...This proves that there is no favoritism here in the Comerford home.:)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Currently reading (and highly recommend it--these people are amazing examples)...

Favorite band (Taking Back Sunday)...

Favorite daily escape...

Favorite movie...

Favorite flower (ya wanna make me smile? Send me these!!!)...

Favorite (new) pastime (**Not helping with the weight loss goal, but so therapeutic!)...

Favorite TV show (ALWAYS makes me laugh out loud!)...

And finally, my two favorite best friend and my little girl...

And now it's your turn--ALL OF YOU!!! Tell me a little about you!:)

Raw Fish Anyone????

Last night, our wonderful friends and neighbors, Tim and Tina, introduced us to a new sushi place! I have wanted to like sushi for a while, but just haven't been hooked yet...UNTIL LAST NIGHT!!! They took us to a place called Sakana (Power and Baseline for those of you local folks) and helped us order the good stuff! I am still happy from dinner and sooooo looking forward to going again!! Anyone interested in coming with us???

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Our Little Model!!!

The BEST pic of Haylee! She's actaully starting the teething process (yes, we're thrilled.:( ), so her hands are ALWAYS in her mouth these days. Look at that little grin!! Ugh--she's so dang cute!:) She's even got that little sparkle in her eye!
I love this little girl--and I love those little pink Vans!!
Believe it or not, she is actually talking in this pic! She hums this way! Kinda funny! It's a new thing!
These are what we call her "Dr. Evil Hands"--it's like she's plotting something--should we be concerned???
This is her cousin Tyce giving her a kiss--he loves to kiss her! We'll stop that "cousin-kissing" thing before they get too old, don't worry!

Last week we had pics taken of Haylee and her cousin Tyce at Target and they turned out great! When I saw our photographer (a teenage boy), I got a bit worried, I hafta admit. But he was wonderful! He was so nice and the pics turned out great!:)

Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Belated Birthday, Buster!!!

I'm a loser of a mom--Buster turned 3 last Saturday and I'm just now posting about him. I know some of you may be thinking, "He's just a dog!" Oh no no, my friends. You are mistaken. Buster Brown is our hairy firstborn! Get comfy and I'll tell you a bit about him! When we couldn't have kids for a while, Cameron bought me little Buster for my birthday. We affectionately call him our "Million Dollar Baby". Here's why: three days after getting Buster, he was diagnosed with parvo (a gastrointestinal disease that basically sheds the inner lining of a dog's stomach). Most puppies don't live through it. We were shocked and ended up spending quite a few dollars to keep our little guy alive. He stayed at the vet for a week and received two blood transfusions ("Chumba Juice") from a Great Dane named Chumba. He was sooooo skinny and sad looking. It made me cry every time I went to visit him. But he pulled though! And here he is today--three years old! That first pic is Buster in "his" chair. This is the only piece of furniture he is allowed on and he loves it!
I took this in Snowflake. We were in my mom's car and while she ran into a nursery to grab some plants, Buster took over the driver's seat. I love it cuz it looks like he's driving!
This has to be one of my favorite pics! This is how Buster plays with Haylee! We put her on the bed and he pops his two front paws up and he nudges her all over with his nose! She usually laughs and laughs (of course, not for the pic though!) and loves it.:) Her laughing just eggs him on to do it more--it's a great form of cheap entertainment!

Here's a little more info about our little guy...

Phrases he understands: Go look out the window, do you want something to work on? (a treat), let's go take a bath (really I'm the one taking the bath, he just comes and lays on the rug next to me), where's your leash, Grandma and Grandpa, help Dad take out the trash (he goes crazy for this one!!), and the ultimate--Where's your laser?? Buster has a little laser pointer that is his beloved toy! We only get it out when company comes over so that he will not end up in said company's lap! He chases that little red light everywhere and doesn't stop until you say, "Let's put it away." and you put it back in the drawer.


Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Just a little "LOVE" survey for Valentine's Day...

Definitely his humor! I remember the first night I met him in Show Low--he was the driver and we all ended up at Burger King where he cracked me up!

We went on a first date long before our missions, when we were just friends. He took me to Macayos and then to a movie. Here's the crazy part: after our date that night I wrote in my journal, "Went on a date with Cameron Comerford tonight. He is so funny. It became very apparent to me tonight how important it will be to marry someone who makes me laugh." (And yes, I still have the journal to prove it!!!)

Our first kiss was the night after he got home from his mission. We were at his house with a bunch of other people watching Pearl Harbor. It's a long movie so most everyone left before it ended, except for my trusty friend Kym!! She pretended to be asleep! He gave me a hug and then we kissed.:) It was by far the best kiss ever!

I actually knew when I was still on the mission. We had been writing weekly and around my last month or two, one day it just hit me, "I'm gonna marry this guy!" I knew it as sure as I knew there was a nose on my face! He had all the qualities I was looking for and he had become my best friend.:)

We had been looking at rings and I showed him some that I liked (I didn't want to pick out my exact ring--I just wanted him to know the style I liked). I knew he had picked one, but he told me he had to wait till the following week to pick it up after having it sized. Little did I know, he had it the whole time (he even had it the weekend before he proposed when we went to Flagstaff so he could ask my dad)! On a Monday, I had a really bad day at work and he called to ask if he could take me out that night, which was kinda weird cuz we were together ALL THE TIME!! He took me to "our spot" under the bridge at Tempe Town Lake and had cooked me dinner. Then we went back to my apartment where there were candles lit in the front room, but nobody home. Stupid me, immediately gets mad at roommates who would leave candles unattended! So dumb! He somehow gets me to go into my room, where more candles are lit and my bed is covered in roses! He got down on one knee and "proposed". I put that last word in quotes cuz I still claim to this day that he didn't say the full phrase "Will you marry me?" He said, "Will you...?" He argues that one still! Of course I said yes! I'm not stupid!:)

What doesn't impress me?? Actually, the first thing that comes to mind is that EVERYONE loves him! I have yet to meet someone who doesn't like the kid! He is always so happy and funny. He is extremely patient with me: his very impatient wife.:) He's such a hard worker and a great provider for me and Haylee and Buster. He knows all about politics, which impresses me cuz I have no clue about that stuff most of the time. He is musically talented--I've always loved listening to him play the guitar (one of the other first attractions). He is the amazing daddy I knew he'd be with Haylee. She sure has him wrapped around her little miniature finger!

Happy Valentine's Day, sweetie! You're the best hubby ever.:) I love you!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I've been tagged! (Thanks Becca!)

Alrighty, you all ready for this???

1. 10 years ago...
I was living in St. George, Utah, attempting to go to college at Dixie. I use the word "attempting" cuz I really hated school and I usually would choose one class a day to ditch. It was pretty bad! I had the best roommates and we had bonfires out in the desert all the time! I was working at Malibu Dry Cleaners with a few mexicans that didn't speak english--but we had a great time goofing off together!

2. 5 Things On My To-Do List:
1. Shower
2. Pick up Jonathon (my nephew) from preschool
3. Go to lunch with my sis-in-law
4. Call a few people
5. MAYBE go to the grocery store ( I really need to, but don't know if I'll have the energy!)

3. Things I Would Do If I Became A Millionaire:
*Scream with joy!!!
*Pay off any debt and the house and the car payment
*Do some serious traveling!
*Build a new home
*Cameron and I would go to Cali so he could golf at Pebble Beach, then I'd send him on a
"Guys Trip" to Scotland with his golfing buddies. Yea, I'm pretty much the best wife ever!

4. 3 Bad Habits I Have:
1. Nailbiting
2. Road rage
3. Light swearing (not the really bad words, just the little ones!)

5. 5 Places I've Lived:
1. Winslow, AZ (so glad that didn't last--no offense anyone!)
2. Flagstaff, AZ
3. St. George, UT
4. Dominican Republic
5. Mesa, AZ

6. 5 Jobs I've Had:
1. Baskin Robbins in Flagstaff
2. Montessori School in Flagstaff
3. Malibu Dry Cleaners in St. George, UT
4. Montessori Schools in Mesa
5. Gilbert Family Eyecare (shout out to Annie, Becky and Ashley--HOLLA!!!)

7. Some Things Most People Don't Know About Me...let's see here...
*I always dreamed of marrying my best friend, whoever that was, and I did!
*I speak fluent spanish (although I'm losing it slowly from not using it that often...)
*I could take on anyone in Music Trivia, whether it's naming the song, the group or singer,
who recorded the song first, etc. Just try me...
*I get the chills when I'm driving and someone passes me or I pass someone too closely. NO
clue what THAT'S about!!!
* My first three (yes, three) car "accidents" all involved a non-moving pole!:( That's sad...
* I love history and love seeing historical places. My favorites have been the Sixth Floor
Museum in Dallas, TX, right by the Grassy Knoll (where John Kennedy was shot), and
Alcatraz. I still wanna go to Germany and now the Philippines after all my parents have been
able to see.
* I have the best love story with my hubby about how we met and fell in love.:) AND the best
hubby--but most of you know that already.:)

Well, there ya go!!! I now tag April, Heather Frazier, Kamarah and Amy! Have fun!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Quality Time With Grandpa...

Last week, Cameron's Aunt Cheryl and Great Grandpa Harold came over for a visit. That would make him Haylee's Great Great Grandpa! I feel so lucky to have these pics captured for memories.:) I LOVE this man! When you think of sweet ole Grampa, this is the man you are picturing. He is in his mid-nineties and still goin' strong! He's a tough old Irish man! He just had a pacemaker put in and has shocked his physical therapists with his quick recovery! Haylee loved feeling his face and his flat-top hair!
The thing that amazes me about Grandpa Harold is his memory--he remembers dates and birthdays and names like nobody's business! He only has peripheral vision at this point, so it's kinda funny when he talks to you, he looks at you out the side of his eyes, so he never looks directly at you. He's so great!:) Haylee obviously had a lot to tell him about!