Saturday, August 30, 2008


First of all, I owe our friend Joe a HUUUUUGE thank you for inviting Cameron and especially me, to the Cardinals vs. Broncos game last night! It was supposed to be more of a "Guys Night Out" kinda thing, but since he knows of my love of football, he allowed me to tag along with him and his friend. And I am soooo grateful he did! Right there in the above picture--#46 Spencer Larsen--is the reason it was so exciting! To actually watch a friend of yours play in the NFL is truly amazing! We are so happy for him! It was a great game anyway, but he just couldn't leave it at that. In the 4th quarter he intercepted the ball and ran it back to the Arizona 17 yard line!!! Yeah, I have a sore throat thanks to that play! It was awesome!!!
We had AWESOME seats, too!
This is the team heading to the locker room after the game. I'm so happy our seats were right there, otherwise we most likely wouldn't have gotten to say hi to Spencer.
Luckily, a group of us was able to get Spencer's attention and he came over and said hi. I'm so happy we were able to be there to show our support last night!
And here's Cameron and I after the game, along with our huge grins after a great night of football! Go Broncos!!! And even better--GO SPENCER!!!!

Friday, August 29, 2008


Okay, here's the deal--a boy in our ward, Clinton, is trying to raise money with his high school band to go to the Holiday Bowl in California. In order to do so, they are holding a fundraiser by selling tickets to enjoy Outback food (cooked and served on site by Outback) and listening to the jazz band play while eating. Here are the details:

When: Thursday, October 23rd, dinner at 6pm

Where: Red Mountain High School (East of Power on Brown)

How much: $20 for general admission, $15 for students with ID card, $10 for kids

Menu: Outback's Famous Chopped Blue Cheese Salad


6 oz. steak or 5 oz. BBQ chicken (grilled right there)


Chicken Fingers with Aussie Fries (Child's Meal)



I, personally, am just excited about the cheesecake!!! Anyway, please help us support our friend, Clinton! Cameron and I will be there, so um, that alone should be enough incentive to come!!! Lemme know if you want tickets! Thanks!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Last weekend Cameron did his very first triathlon up in Show Low! He's been training for it for about 3 months now. Our friends Eric and Kami went up with us and Eric did the triathlon, too! It was his third! His first was in Rocky Point, Mexico and we were there to watch. That's where the inspiration came for Cameron to train for one! They really are so inspiring to watch--all types of people participate--it's so neat! This is Cameron and Eric before the "fun" started! They had to swim 12 full laps in the pool (24 down and back), then bike 13 miles and finish with a 3 and a half mile run. Doesn't that sound like a blasty-blast???
Swim: check. Here is Cameron at the transition area, getting all ready for the bike ride. He was very happy to be done with the swim. He knew it would be the toughest part for him, but he felt very confident for the bike and run.
Bike: check. He said he passed a few people on the bike course that had beat him in the pool, so he felt really good about that.
Run: check. The coolest part about triathlons is that it's not necessarily a race--it's all about just finishing. I was so impressed with Cameron on Saturday! A few years ago, neither of us thought he would be running a triathlon! He's trained so hard and set such high goals for himself--it's so neat to see him achieve them. I am still training to do one myself--not sure when the first one will be for me. And at this triathlon they had a group of kids that did their own little triathlon! It was awesome! I sure hope our little Haylee is one of those kids in a few years! I'm hopin' after she watches her parents, she'll wanna do it, too! She's already got the energy!
Here are the boys after it was all over! In the middle is our friend Rick--this was his first triathlon, too. They all did so good! I personally think they just do it so they can wear the sleeveless shirts and tight shorts...:)