Saturday, January 31, 2009


I'm jumpin' on the bandwagon--get ready to know me better! Here we go!!!

1. When I was pregnant, I LOVED smelling the bag of Cascade dishwasher gel pacs--and still do! Cameron was always worried I'd start eating them! Never did, thank you very much!
2. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people read over my shoulder--drives me crazy!
3. I LOVE music trivia--any genre, any decade, LOVE IT! Thanks for that, Dad!
4. I actually really enjoy public speaking. Crazy, I know!
5. The way my home smells is a HUGE priority to me. Thank you, Scentsy!
6. I hide my treats from Cameron. Not that he always eats them--it's just my own weirdness. Thank you for that, Mom!
7. I hate odd numbers--thank you Haylee for being born at 8:48am on the 28th!
8. I don't handle stress well at all. I get extremely grouchy to the closest people to me--sorry, Honey.
8. I have two slightly different colored eyes--check 'em out sometime!
9. I LOOOOOOVE history. Especially war history--for some reason, the grossest, craziest stuff is the most intriguing to me.
10. I am proud to say that I throw a pretty sweet spiral with a football.:)
11. I am completely against baby talk. You'll never hear it from me. I'll do the high voice, but no baby talk.
12. The weirdest thing I've ever eaten was a cow's hoof on the mission. It's more of a "chew" forever thing, rather than "eating". Kinda like chewin' the fat...literally.
13. I love to be surprised--like in a good way. Like gifts, parties, etc.
14. I DO NOT like haunted houses, although I will go to them. But I hafta be in the middle of the group and I usually walk through with my face presses against Cameron's back. Total waste of money.
15. My favorite color to wear is olive green.
16. I've been to a topless beach...twice. Gotta love the Dominican Republic.
17. I LOVE to country swing! In my single days, I used to go almost every weekend! I was the girl being thrown and flipped--LOVED IT!!!
18. The only car accidents I've caused were with stationary objects. I've hit three poles!
19. I have a hard time delegating. I'd rather just do stuff myself so I know it gets done right--especially cleaning!
20. I am soooooo not touchy. Not even with Cameron. Sure, I was when we were dating--hello, I am human! But now, not so much.
21. I won't watch movies about animals. Free Willy did me in! I am way to emotional for that!
22. Speakin' of Free Willy, my dream as a kid was to be the person diving off Shamu's nose at Sea World. The closest I've gotten to that is swimming with dolphins. Thanks Mom and Dad!
23. I have the best husband in the world (sorry ladies, yes, I do!). He is always happy, always funny, always helpful, etc. An amazingly hard worker, too! Love you honey!
24. I have the best child in the world (sorry moms and dads, yes, I do!) She is so easygoing and completely self-entertained. Plus, she's incredibly cute!
25. My dream would be to spend at least a day in every single country. There's so much I hafta see!

Well, there ya have it. This was a lot harder than I thought. I hope everyone who reads this will also do it so I can read it!

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Well, 2009 is already proving to be a year for change for Cameron and I. For starters, I am now working! I began teaching the 3 and 4 year olds at a new preschool in Mesa on Thursday this week. It really is an ideal situation for me. I get to work part-time (from 8am-1pm Monday through Friday) and I get to bring Haylee with me! Since it is a new preschool, I only have a handful of children right now, so I am able to train them and get them set up and work on the new children as they trickle in. I love the director of the preschool as well as the other teachers.

The changes just keep on comin'! This coming week, Cameron will begin taking an EMT course. He wants to have something a little more stable to fall back on just in case, since we never know what the future holds for us...

Another big change? I will be turning the big 3-0 this year! Yup, April 18th I will leave my 20's behind. The fun part is we will be in Rocky Point, Mexico to celebrate! Cameron is going to do the triathlon in Rocky Point that day! I'm so lookin' forward to that trip!

Well, there ya have it! Oh yeah, and Haylee will go to nursery the first week in April! Woo hoo!

Monday, January 5, 2009


Haylee is seriously one of the easiest kids ever! She is very good at finding ways to entertain herself. At church yesterday, we found her sunglasses in the diaper bag and let her play with them. She'd let us put them on her, she'd smile real big (as shown above), and then she'd take them off and want us to put them on again. Such a diva!

And who knew a shoebox could be so entertaining??? I call this picture, "Fat girl in a little box." She was honestly entertained sitting in this box for about 45 minutes to an hour! It was hilarious!

Lately we've started letting Haylee play in our room while we get ready or clean in there--you'd think it was a playground the way she gets so excited! This picture was taken in our closet as she dug all of Cameron's clothes out and surrounded herself in them. Such a dork. One thing we've noticed about Haylee lately is what a ham she is. She LOVES to make people laugh and be goofy. We have no idea where she gets this. When I was a kid, if I even thought you were laughing at me, I'd cry. She definitely has her own personality. And we LOVE it!:)