Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Yes, I am a lazy bum! I have completely slacked with the blog! We've been doin' lots of stuff lately, I just haven't posted any of it! That's not to say that I won't--just gimme a little more time! We have been up to Flagstaff for a wedding reception (see Kaydi's blog and Kym's blog for pics) and we did the Cystic Fibrosis walk on Saturday (see Frank and Kamarah's blog for pics)! My sister and brother-in-law were in town for the weekend and we are headed to Rocky Point this weekend! Woo hoo! Good times! Little Haylee is now 7 months old and still loving rice cereal! Her new thing: she DESPISES the car seat! She's got quite the little temper and loves to "buck" and arch her back to let you know she's REALLY mad! Wonder who she got that from...???:) I'm still in the middle of the whole kidney testing thing--just waiting for results! Thanks for being patient--I promise pictures are on the way!

Friday, April 11, 2008

New Goals!!!

After a wonderful visit/pep talk with my wonderful friend, Kami, today, I am INCREDIBLY motivated to work SMARTER toward losing weight and being healthier. I'm so motivated that I thought some of the things we talked about might help some of you with your fitness goals! She gave me this goal sheet to fill out--here are the questions on it:
My goal is:
I will measure my goals in the 3 following ways:
My action plan is as follows:
What are you going to do:
When (time of day):
How much:
How often:
What is your planned total time to reach your goal?
How realistic is your plan?
What is your confidence level on a scale from 1-10? (If it's less than a 7 then you need to change your goal).
My weaknesses aren't in the amount of food I eat, but the sweets! They kill me! So, when I have a craving, I will text Kami, who will tell me to stay strong and remind me of my goals. Then I will wait 2o minutes and drink lots of water before indulging in the craving (if I even need to after that). My "sweet" choices will be different now, too. And I will be writing down every piece of food that enters my mouth. Here's a funny little trick I've started--whenever I need a spoon to eat something, I use one of Haylee's! They're tiny and make me feel like I'm eating more! Along with all these "food changes", I will also continue going to the gym daily and trying to go on walks each morning with Haylee and in the evening with Buster. I am soooooo excited!!! Wish me luck!

A Great Visit from Great Friends!

This is Mike and Brittney (and Haylee)! They are our good friends from Utah. We first met Brittney in California YEARS ago when Cam's mission companion Jared married Brittney's best friend, Bethanie (with an "ie" on the end, not "y" like me!). Then Brittney moved to Utah and began dating a guy named Mike. Through myspace.com, we discovered that Mike and I have the same cousins!!! Are you ready for this? My mom's brother married Mike's mom's sister! Did you get that? What a small world! So when they got married last May, I got to see MY aunt and uncle and cousins at their wedding! Crazy! Anyway, they FINALLY came all the way down to Mesa to see us (oh, and go to a wedding, too, but we think it was more to see us!) and stay for a night. We LOVE both Mike and Brittney and they are such a great match for each other. Now we are just bummed we live so far apart! How come some of our best friends hafta live sooooo far away????
As you can tell by this picture, Haylee was just a little in love with Mike! We have accepted the fact that Haylee is a HUGE flirt--she LOVES guys! Not sure what this will bring in the future...should we be concerned? Thank you, Mike and Brittney for coming to see us!:) We already miss you!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Welcome to the REAL WORLD, Haylee!!!

The REAL WORLD of REAL FOOD, that is!! Haylee turned 6 months old on March 28th, and since that day we have been "eating" rice cereal! Our pediatrician recommended waiting till the 6 month mark to start her on rice cereal, so we did. And it couldn't have come soon enough! We could tell the bottle alone was not cutting it anymore! She has loved the rice cereal from day one, but just didn't know how to maneuver her tongue to get it in! She'd take a bite and then push it out with her tongue, even though she loved it and would lean forward for another bite. Today, she finally got it! Now she kinda slurps it off of the spoon! Hey, whatever works, right???

Friday, April 4, 2008

Goodbye Grandma Sam...

My Grandma Sam (Selma Bergeron) passed away on March 27th, 2008. We went to her viewing and funeral this past Monday, the 31st, in Winslow, AZ. The graveside service was perfect. My cousins Kathy and Amanda did a great job telling about her life, even down to the little details like my Grandma's dog, Tara, that she loved, but we all hated cuz all that dog did was bark and bark and bark! For my whole life, I remember getting birthday cards from my Grandma with $10 bills in them. She wrote to me a lot while I was on my mission, too. She was a very funny lade, VERY opinionated! I remember she collected owls and I have never and will never look at an owl without thinking of her.:) The last time I saw her was the day after Thanksgiving this past year, on her birthday, November 23rd. My aunt had brought birthday cards for her and we about died laughing when she started lookin' for a knife that she had "lifted", as she put it, from her food tray! She said, "I don't know what they think I'm gonna do with it, but I'm not supposed to have it." I love this lady! This picture of her with Haylee isn't the best (for either of them!), but it is definitely a keepsake...
This is my uncle Leo holding Haylee. We had to take a picture of them cuz every time he held her, she immediately cuddled up to him! He reminded me that he had held a few babies in his lifetime!:)
While we were in Winslow, we found and took a picture of my little brother's headstone. I LOVE the quote on the top: THE CROWN WITHOUT THE CONFLICT. As you can see, his little life was cut short. His heart wasn't fully developed when he was born. I was four years old when he was born and I remember going to the hospital to meet him and seeing him.:) He was such a cute baby. If Haylee had been a boy, we had chosen Wesley for the name. Maybe the next baby...