Monday, October 29, 2007


Haylee LOVES bathtime! She gets sooo relaxed and starts tooting! If Cameron had been ready with the camera just two seconds earlier, he could've got a shot of the bubbles she creates in the water!
Obviously she is not a fan of the end of bathtime! She's got some strong lungs!
How could you not love that little face??? Our sweet little girl cuddling up to Mommy after bathtime!

First Sunday!!!

Yesterday Haylee turned one month old! She also went to church for the first time! It was so fun to put her in a little dress and a cute headband--very girlie! She's usually in a little onesie! She did so good and slept through all three hours of church! Cameron was a very proud daddy-- I think I held her all of ten minutes--he had her the rest of the time! So sweet!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

More Pics Of Our LIttle Girl!!

This is Haylee's little Halloween outfit--it's not uncommon that everything she wears is baggy--but this outfit totally drowns her! Still so cute though!
I love this pic cuz I have one of me as a baby in the exact same pose. Like mother, like daughter! We are so lucky--she already sleeps 6-7 hours a night! We have a nighttime routine of bathtime, eating and swaddling up tight and she is out cold! We are sooooo blessed! Knock on wood!
Another one of those adorable goofy faces! We find ourselves just sitting around staring at our little girl all the time! Cheap entertainment, right???

Our Little Girl!!!

We finally have a moment to add some more pics of our little Haylee! This is one of my favorite pics--no, not just because of the onesie!!! But how true is the onesie??
Gotta love the goofy faces! You know you're in love when she can pull this face and you still think it's adorable!
Haylee blends right in with Cameron's relaxed lifestyle! Already football watching buddies! And yes, our daughter WILL like football!
The big brother checkin' in on his little sis! Buster really isn't sure what to think of Haylee. He's a bit jealous, but I think just mostly confused...
We are sure Haylee will be a thumb-sucker...when she figures out how exactly to do it! She sure tries hard though and we think it's so cute!