Sunday, February 28, 2010


Through the technology of in vitro fertilization, our great friends Jose and Christy are expecting TRIPLETS at the end of May/beginning of June!!! Two girls and one boy! As you can imagine, NOBODY is ever ready for triplets! I'd like to ease their burden just a little by collecting whatever "baby items" I can for them. This is where all of you come in! Do you have any baby/ kid clothes, toys, books, blankets, shoes, bouncers, movies, Boppies, etc. that you are done with and could donate to them? I will come get it from you at your convenience! You can either leave a comment here, email me at, or call or text me! Thank you so much!!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010


I've always been a pretty open person. With me, pretty much what you see is what you get. I really don't mind talking openly about issues that others may tend to keep private. A lot of that stems from the belief that I have that we are all here to learn from each other. Anyone who really knows me, knows that it took us four years to get pregnant with Haylee. Then we conceived her all on our own after 4 failed artificial inseminations and the first half of in vitro treatment. In that time, I had three surgeries (2 laparoscopies to laser out endometriosis and 1 uterine polypectomy) that I feel helped our odds (especially the polyp removal). Today the realization hit me that we may be re-entering that grueling world of infertility. This time the name has changed. It's called "secondary infertility". It means we were able to have one child, but have not yet been able to conceive another. We are at the very beginning of the road, having tried for a year with no luck.

I LOVE talking about infertility with anyone who will listen. I feel that it's not just those people going through it that need advice or support. Many times, the families and friends of those dealing with infertility have no idea how to navigate through conversation or support of their loved ones. I know of two great websites that help both the infertile and their friends and family. If you are going through infertility or know someone who is (that's all of you), please take a minute and check these sites out. And please let me know if I can offer any support-this is my new passion...:) (this one is put together by an LDS woman dealing with infertility)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


So you might be wondering why I'm posting an old picture of Cameron in a wetsuit...well, the next time you see a picture like this, we BOTH will be wearing wetsuits! Sexy, I know!! Two years ago this coming May, I set a goal to do the Las Palomas Triathlon in Rocky Point, Mexico. Last year, Cameron did it for the first time. On April 24th, 2010 I will achieve that goal I set! It will be my second triathlon and my first open-water swim triathlon! It seems so crazy for me to say that! A friend of ours will be doing the run portion of the triathlon for me since I have done something to my shoulder (it hurts when I run, but is just fine when I swim...weird) and I hate running. Still, I will be participating in that triathlon! I am so excited! Guess I better start training, huh???