Sunday, March 22, 2009


Okay, so these pictures are now out of order so whatever! Yesterday we went to the air show at Luke Air Force Base with our friends Jose and Christy. It was awesome! And you know if I liked it, Cameron was in heaven! Alrighty, the pic above is Cameron's favorite aerobatic pilot, Kirby Chamblis. He's five time world champion and he flies an Edge 540 (like I know what that means!). It was amazing how low these planes flew!

This guy is amazing! First of all, he's only 28 years old--Cameron's age! He is the only guy IN THE WORLD that flies acrobatic in a Beech 18--this plane is not meant for acrobatics! It's huge! He was amazing! He started flying at age 15 with his dad. Sadly, his dad died in a car accident. Ironic huh?

These were Stearmans and it's just amazing how close together they fly. Unreal...

Okay, to make this make sense, look at the plane below. It's an A-10 Warthog. It flew over and shot live ammo and dropped a bomb and all! AWESOME!!!

Poor Haylee...She was such a trooper! Haylee is outgoing, easily entertained, just an all around easy kid. But her problem is she HATES loud noises...and we were at the air show! Whenever a really loud one would fly by, she'd reach for her daddy and as soon as he took her, she'd lay her head on his shoulder and be happy again. Safe with daddy.:) This is her patting Cameron.:)
This was a Geico Extra 300 S--the tricks this guy did were soooo crazy! I've never been afraid to fly and usually have fallen asleep flying with Cameron in his plane. It's actually kinda boring to me (Cameron would call that blasphemous!). But get me in one of these planes with these pilots and I'd be in HEAVEN!!!! I would LOVE for Cameron to get into aerobatic training! That would be soo much fun!
Thanks to Jose and Christy, Haylee had her own little chair! She didn't stay in it for long once the planes started flying overhead though! But she LOVED it until then! It was perfect for her! And look Grandma Penny, not only did we lather her up in sunscreen, but we even had sunglasses for her!!!
Here's me, Haylee, Jose and Christy checkin' out the planes before they flew. We love this couple and are so happy they moved into our ward and that we've gotten to know them better. They are so fun and such a great couple!

Friday, March 20, 2009



Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Does this remind anyone of the old school cell phones??? I told ya everything is a phone to her!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Well, a few weeks ago our friends Eric and Kami moved to Vegas. Eric got a huge promotion as a general manager and we are sooooo proud of him and excited for their new endeavors in Vegas. That's not to say that we are not TOTALLY ticked off that had to move!!!:( Luckily, I was able to go with them for a few days when they moved. Thank you to my parents and Cameron's parents for watching Haylee while I was gone!! I owe you big time!

It was nice to be able to help Kami get settled and accustomed to the new surroundings. We got locked out of her condo only a few times! You know you're good friends when you get locked out and instead of crying or being upset, you just laugh hysterically! We had so many "adventures" there in Vegas that will not soon be forgotten! This little kitty is my friend Nermal. Although she happened to lunge at me and managed to scare the crap outta me in the process, I still love her--as you can see by the fact that I am letting her lounge on my luggage!

It was so sad to hafta leave and come home. I was the girl at the airport crying that you know you stare at and wonder what her story is! Kami, I miss you sooooooo much and can't wait to come to Vegas again so we can add to our "adventure" list!!! Try and kiss Nermal for me!!!


Each of these pictures tell a story! The above picture is showing that Haylee is now a bit more self-sufficient! Yup--she's feeding herself with utensils! Good times! Obviously, her aim leaves a bit to be desired, but hey, she's just startin' out!

One of the reasons I LOVE this girl and feel so blessed that she's my kid, is that she is TOTALLY able to entertain herself! You can see that in the above pic and the below pic. When it's a bit too quiet, I don't hafta worry. She seems to know the boundaries and ironically, she doesn't push the boundaries unless I AM watchin' her. She kinda has that backwards.:) By the way, this little box she's chillin' in happens to be Buster's toy box! She sorta got stuck!

These days, EVERYTHING is a phone to Haylee! She puts everything up to her ear and just jabbers! I love it! She also LOVES to dance! If any music starts (even church hymns...), she starts dancin'! She loves to sing the ABC's--well actually she just chimes in on Q, T, and Y.:) She also counts to 5--well actually she just says 2 and 5. We're workin' on it! I just think she's a master delegator! We do most of the work and she just adds her little parts! Other things she says are "I love you", "See ya", "Bye bye", "Night-Night", Buster, "Uh-oh", etc! She's a blast and loves to crack herself up---it's not hard to do apparently!:)

Monday, March 16, 2009


Okay, I've gotten a few comments wondering how this works. Here's the instructions: go to and sign up. I believe it costs $10 a month for one store of your choice and $5 for each additional store. I use Albertson's and Fry's. You need to subscribe to your local Sunday paper for the coupons. Every Sunday I cut out my coupons and file them. Then I go to the website and it tells me what's on sale and how much I'll save using a coupon. They color code the items: black=stuff you buy only if you hafta have it that week; blue=stuff you wanna stock up on; green=free stuff! You check the box of each item you want to buy and print out your list! Then you collect those coupons you'll be using from your file and off you go! You gotta shop on Monday or Tuesday for the sales. I usually go early Monday mornings before Haylee's awake while Cameron is still workin' home. Keep in mind that it will take a month or so to get into the routine. WARNING: it's addictive!!! I am totally addicted and if we are outta town on a Sunday I get a little twitchy since I'm not home to cut out my coupons!:) Good luck!!!


I joined the Grocery Game last summer and have not regretted it one bit! Today was an AWESOME day grocery shopping! At Fry's I spent $64.17 and I saved $88.43!!!! Then I went to Albertsons and spent $36.20 and saved $52.72!!! So I ended up with all this NAME BRAND stuff (except for a couple things I had to have this week) for $100!!! The cereal alone should have cost me around $50! Oh and I forgot to add the 12 pack of Cottonelle toilet paper! For those who don't know, I quit the job at the preschool. It just wasn't worth it for us right now. I will never again take for granted the blessing I have of being a stay-at-home-mom. I feel like doin' this grocery system is my way of making/saving us money. Every little bit helps!:)