Sunday, February 28, 2010


Through the technology of in vitro fertilization, our great friends Jose and Christy are expecting TRIPLETS at the end of May/beginning of June!!! Two girls and one boy! As you can imagine, NOBODY is ever ready for triplets! I'd like to ease their burden just a little by collecting whatever "baby items" I can for them. This is where all of you come in! Do you have any baby/ kid clothes, toys, books, blankets, shoes, bouncers, movies, Boppies, etc. that you are done with and could donate to them? I will come get it from you at your convenience! You can either leave a comment here, email me at, or call or text me! Thank you so much!!!


Amy said...

Oh man! 3 at once???? I think I'd be so overjoyed and so dang scared at the same time! That is so cool.

The Butlers said...

I am a friend of Cammie Bjarnson's and she told me about this famiy. My dad is a carpet cleaner and receives lots of free stuff that people are giving away. I asked him to keep an eye out for ANY baby items, he said no problem.

The Cureton Family said...

Holy moley!! Having had twins, I can't even imagine triplets!!

On another note, I just made my blog private. Send me your e-mail to so I can invite you. Thx!