Saturday, May 30, 2009


For Memorial Day weekend, we drove to Temecula, California to visit these awesome people--Jared and Bethanie and their little boy, Mason! Jared and Cameron were mission companions and we are all great friends! The first night we were there they took us out to dinner at a WONDERFUL restaurant that had a duck pond right behind it! So we took the kiddos down to feed the ducks.

I'm gonna hafta say that Haylee wasn't showing any signs of becoming a star pitcher anytime soon--her bread BARELY made it to the water! But look at those adorable pigtails! Finally! No more mullet!:)

The next day we went to the beach!!! My favorite part! It was Haylee's first time to the beach and she LOVED the sand! She did not love the water though! I think it kinda freaked her out how it came and went and didn't stay still! She was one hot little mama in her suit!:)

And look at these two studs! Jared took Cameron out to try and teach him how to surf. What a great friend!

Told ya she loved the sand! She was in heaven being a mess!

On Sunday we of course went to church. We tried real hard to get a good pic of the group before church, but obviously Haylee didn't wanna cooperate! We thought it was funny that Cameron and I were matching with our orange and Jared and Bethanie had the green thing goin' on--we decided it was so people could keep the right Bethany (ie) with the right hubby! I am so happy to have the daughter we have! She had no problem goin' to nursery in a new ward! The nursery worker said they loved her and that they wanted to keep her.:) Love that girl!:)

On Monday, Memorial Day, we went back to the beach! Here are Bethanie and Mason in their matching orange! That kid is sooo funny!:)

Here's Jared and Mason! It is so fun to watch Jared as a daddy--he is so great with his little boy!
Okay, for some reason, Haylee was really clingy with me that day. She actually spent a lot of that day in this position--on me. She is not a clingy kid at all, so I kinda took advantage of it and enjoyed the moment.:)

I just love this girl. She did so awesome on the whole trip! She was well-behaved, she slept well, etc. We are hoping next year she will be ready for Sea World! Pretty sure it would have freaked her out to see a giant whale jumping out of the water this year!

The evening of Memorial Day, we had a barbecue with Bethanie's family! It was so much fun! This was Haylee's first attempt at a trampoline--she loved it! We had great food, wonderful dessert and an intense game of volleyball!
We had such a great time last weekend! Thank you Jared and Bethanie for having us and making it such an awesome trip! It's your turn now!:)