Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Dora Birthday Party!!

Here sits the birthday girl herself! Haylee LOVES Dora (or as she says "Dooora") right now! So we decided to go with that idea for the birthday. A couple weeks ago, I found a lady on Craigslist selling her daughter's Dora stuff for super cheap, so I got it all! This chair is one of the items I got (along with another pink plastic chair) and she LOVES them! She moves them all around the house now and for some reason she has to have them side-by-side ALL THE TIME (um...OCD???)!

We decided to mix the joy of cake and ice cream and went with the Baskin Robbins ice cream cake! Once again, Dora themed!I'm sure Halyee was wonderin', "What kind of toy is that??" when she saw the cake! She loved it!
Haylee did so good opening her presents! She would open it, study it for a second, then put it aside to open another gift. We're not sure what was up with the tongue hangin' out of her mouth...probably too much quality time spent with Buster...

My parents got her this birthday card that plays "Itsy Bitsy Spider" when you open it. Yeah, they really could have saved the money they spent on her gifts and she'd have been just as happy with that card!
One gift Haylee got was a lifesize Dora doll! We've decided we don't need to have any more kids cuz now Haylee has a friend! She spends all day putting Dora in the chair next to her and talking to her! Today I caught her putting her toy phone up to Dora's ear (which, by the way, Dora doesn't even have!) and telling Dora to say something into the phone! Hilarious!
This is happiness.:) Haylee did wonderfully during her party! There were no tears, no meltdowns, no tantrums! It was a success! She made sure to thank all her guests before they left and I'm pretty sure each of them got a "big hug".:) Man, I love this girl so much!:)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Haylee's Two Years Old!!!

It's true, two years ago yesterday, Haylee finally made me what I had always dreamed of being: a mom.:) It's hard to put into words how complete I feel finally having her. I finally feel like I am doing what I was born to do. It was a long, hard road we went down until we had Haylee, but every single step, every heartache, every let-down was soooo worth it. She is an AMAZING little girl.:) If it's not in the cards for us to have anymore children, I will forever feel blessed by being given such a perfect little daughter. I love having this blog so I can record all these little things about Haylee.

At this point in her life, Haylee is VERY independent. I have already accepted the fact that she and I will butt heads A LOT while she is growing up. But I love that sense of confidence she has. I love that when we leave her ANYWHERE (gym daycare, nursery, with a babysitter, etc.) she waves to us and says, "See ya later guys!" I love that we can communicate with her now and have little conversations. The other night she was eating dinner in her high chair and she was telling Cameron that she wanted down so she could play with her new toys. He told her that she had to eat her food first and then she could get down. She said, "Okay" and finished eating. Easy as that.:) I feel very blessed that I can take her to run any errand I may have and know that there will be no tantrums or crying. Haylee just really isn't into that. She knows what she wants, and will express that, but if we say no, she may try to cry, but she just seems to know it's not worth her time or energy (probably cuz it never changes the outcome anyway!). I love that Haylee talks so much. She really is my little "parrot", repeating whatever I say. I know everyone thinks their kid is brilliant and I'm not claiming that Haylee is advanced, but she just seems to grasp things so quickly and so well. She counts to 15 now and has for about 4 months. She says her ABC's, she says prayers every night, and she has lots of songs memorized already. I am just so entertained by her every day. She is hilarious and loves to make people laugh. She invented her own little "goofy walk" a while ago that I need to add to the blog. It is so funny!! I am so blessed to have this special little person in my life.:) I love you, Haylee Brynn.:)