Friday, November 12, 2010


I am so dang behind on this blog, it's not even funny! Yes, we are still alive and well!:) And now I can officially say I have completed FOUR triathlons!! This top picture is from the Tri in the Pines in Show Low, AZ. We did this one in August. It was HORRIBLE!! It's amazing what a difference the altitude creates! I almost got hit by a car on the bike course and after being grateful that I wasn't, I immediately wished I had been hit so that I would have been put out of my misery! But hey, I did it!
This is after finishing the Las Palomas Tri in Rocky Point, Mexico. We did this one in April. It was a blast! It was open water swim in the ocean and the waves were bad this year, but it was still so fun! I actually enjoyed this tri!

Cameron and I went to St. George in September and completed the Kokopelli Tri at Sand Hollow. There are no pictures because we went by ourselves and were too busy setting up and getting ready to take pictures! I loved the swim in the reservoir (I always love the swim--it's my favorite event) but hated the rest of the dang tri! They have this hill on the bike course that is UNREAL!!! It almost killed me! I'm so happy Cameron and I have this hobby together. We can't wait until Haylee is old enough to participate!